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Radio recomendations?

69 GTX

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11:48 PM
Apr 6, 2013
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Milo, Iowa
Looking to upgrade the radio in my 69 GTX. Can anyone recommend something that looks OEM but is am/fm? Not wanting anything over the top. Just something that's 3 or 4 speaker compatipal.
Send it to Greg Ward in Alabama and have him to update it to the specs that you desire. Much better investment over the reproduction radios that are in the market now.
If you have your own tunes on phone, MP3, etc. look at Out Of Sight Audio. You can leave original radio in and place unit under seat or wherever.
I thinking about trying one of these (or similar) and mount it under dash like a gauge next to the trio.
Send it to Greg Ward in Alabama and have him to update it to the specs that you desire. Much better investment over the reproduction radios that are in the market now.
I don't know who this is, but I've seen a lot of these converted radios and it's a really cool option. I'm doing the over the top setup using a two way iPad interface unit.
I had my original AM radio converted to an AM/FM Bluetooth high power stereo. I also added a subwoofer. I did not like the idea of having to reach into the glove compartment or use a remote that I might lose - I wanted the radio controls right where they are supposed to be!

I think the conversion is great, and I am very happy with it. My only gripe is that I cannot see what station I am tuning the FM band to, as the radio only shows the AM band. It's not much of an issue, as I usually use a couple of presets or bluetooth. However, if I were to do it over I might find an old AM/FM radio to convert instead.

Bottom line is my recommendation is to buy or convert a radio that you then use in the OEM location. Depending on how original looking your car is, an OEM style radio is best.
I highly recommend adding Bluetooth as well although I'm not familiar with the OEM lookalikes. I added a digital media player to mine and love being able to listen my playlist or Pandora versus crappy radio stations with commercials. I like the idea of just hiding a modern head unit myself and leaving the OEM stereo in place.
Looking for OEM look a like. I'm not a tecky, so no blue tooth or anything like that just a good am/fm system. I'll look at some of these conversion places. Do they offer package deals with matching speakers?
When I had the AM radio from my 65 Barracuda in the shop for repairs (bad capacitors), I had the shop install the Aurora FMC-1 FM tuner.

The write-up for this project: Radio Upgrades
69Bfan can you give a link to Greg Ward my google search didn't come up with anything. Thanks
Greg has been restoring them for years and upgrading them for what ever want/need. I know some members and cars that have them and has NO regrets for using his services. He is a member on many Mopar sites and his work is top notch
I have decided to go with Greg Ward. Got all the info from him last night. He suggested getting the front speaker that has 2 in it, will sound better and uses all 4 channels. He also said to get 4 ohm speakers as opposed to the factory 8ohm
I just got one.. I haven't put it together yet.. It comes as parts.. You have to put it together like an old school model. I will assemble it soon. But may also get the oem radio restored.
RC from my research the redondo is about 25$ cheaper (counting shipping), but if you buy the faceplate (oem looking) sticker for the display it's about a wash. The Redondo does have Bluetooth and some other gadgets if your into that. I do know my conversion will fit perfectly and not have to make anything fit which was the tie breaker for me.
I made a fast video of the Redondo working. I now have it installed into the dash but need to brace the rear of it. Also need to wire it in. Here is a video of it one speaker i found on my jobsite. Think its an alarm speaker. So don't laugh at it. Buying new speaker set and running rear speaker wire since the car only had one in the dash.