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Rallye dash woodgrain bezel sets


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Feb 2, 2012
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I'm thinking of getting new woodgrain bezels for my '70 GTX as the old one has worn away badly in some spots. All the new ones I've seen seem to be a lot lighter than my original. Would mine have darkened over time or are the new ones too light. Who is the best supplier for these in regards to fitment and originality?
PG Classic's or BE+A are the suppliers but the product isn't even close to original.
I bought and promptly returned.
Whatever you do, don't buy anything of this type of product from YearOne....the product sucks....not even close to fitting correctly. This is what they sent me over a year ago....





So I wrote to YearOne explaining how useless this restoration part is. They promptly apologised and sent me a replacement set....exactly the same condition. Did my dash suddenly increase in size compared to everyone else's or are these products just absolute garbage......garbage me thinks.

I ended up finding a product advertised on a MoPar magazine website - from WhiteGauges - linky attached here: http://www.whitegauges.net/products...ument-Cluster-Dash-Bezel-Resurfacing-Kit.html

I found this product to be relatively satisfactory. Customer Service was OK, with average responses by email, and sometimes about something completely different, but at least you won't get the cold shoulder or the bums rush. The only issue I had with them is that the lower side covers have the grain going the wrong way - I asked about getting that sorted out, but deaf ears were in service that day. Pics below - a lot lighter in colour to the factory grain, but it fits and looks nice;






I honestly didn't notice the grain running incorrectly until I went to fit the two parts on the dash. I'm still waiting to hear if the Technical Team at WhiteGauges have sorted out this little faux pas. Price was fair, and delivery fast - they take PayPal too and ship International which is very helpful. :icon_thumleft:

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I just remembered what I was waiting for from WhiteGauges - I asked them for a set of Lenses for the Emergency Brake and Indicators....they had originally sent me an odometer decal overlay set when I asked for the Bezels. I guess you can add sloppy Dispatch to their record also. :icon_rolleyes:
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PG Classic's or BE+A are the suppliers but the product isn't even close to original.
I bought and promptly returned.
Thanks Ron, I've seen them on the website and thought they were a bit different that's why I started this thread.

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I got the same thing from Classic Ind Roger. Not happy with them at all. Look exactly the same as what you got from Year One, way too small and looks like a sticker just slapped on there. Only good thing was the colour being a nice dark walnut. Why can't they make the good ones with the same colour? Also the grain around the radio was running the wrong way just like your side pieces. Your kidding me!!!
Insert set.jpg Instrument cluster.jpg
I might have try Whiteguages I think. Yours look pretty good. What's the go with the arrow next to the panel switch, is that how some came out?