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FOR SALE Real Pentastar for sale

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So many requests, I will clear my inbox when I can like I just did so if you want some keep trying to PM me. I'll try to clear it mid day everyday.
1.. ask the mods to lock your post or simply hit SOLD.

2 .. respond to each person via pm in the order they posted.

3.. everyone else stop pm'g this poor bugger while he does so.

4... to those that think anyone is greedy and thinks these will end up on eBay. Unless one of the first 7 people that said "me" is buying a 100... some of us can actually mount 10 to cars! I added 4 for my buddy Ian in Saskatchewan for his and his Son's cars.
Yes thanks for doing this. I would like 4 if possible. Will take whatever you think is fair. TIA.
A coworker's dad passed away who worked at Dodge Main back in the day and my coworker, when cleaning out his dad's house, found a silk screen bag full of these so I bought the bag from him years ago. These are the original ones that the gold portion is metal. (I included a pic of one I cut to show you that these are not just the plastic repops). They are beautiful and I have over a hundred of these so if you're in need $10 each plus shipping. PM me if interested. I'm in Milford Mich.
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your box is full I did message you for 2 ,thanks Dave
Not being a Gold Member dadeo is limited to how many pms he can have. This would be hard enough if he had unlimited pms.
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