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rear end gear ratio ????


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Nov 11, 2009
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Hows everyone doing? sorry if this is a stupid ?, I have an 8.75 rear end,auburn gear differential,richmond 4.10 gears,the rearend is o.e.m,so it should have 30 spline axles I think right?what axle bearings should I look into?and what rim and tire size should I run with that gear ratio?and my final question can anybody tell me what spline yolk I will need with this combo?also if the 4.10 gears would be stupid for the street then if anyone is looking for a 4.10 for a 489 case I may be able to sell them 2 you for cheap new in box please help desperately confused,thanks alot.
4.10s are a bit much if you're running a short tire. However, if you're running a 28" tire they aren't that bad.

Then again, I know someone who put a 5 speed in their car because they thought a 3.54 was to much
would a 28 inch tire be to big for a 69 satellite? and would a 17 inch rim in the back and 15 in the front be to drastic of a difference? and with a 28 inch tire what size could I run in front? thanks for the suggestions,definently need help im really confused.
i may be interested in the 4.10 gears if you go a different route.
I love a fairly stock Big Block or Hemi with a butt load of bottom end torque and a 3:23 gear, You can cruise like you want to on the Interstate and the Bottom end power of the engine will still give you a very respectable quarter mile time slip just don't expect a hole shot. It doesn't come on strong till you hit second gear, so you have to pick them up before they get to the line.
You don't want a 28" up front. As far as fit goes, look at Tire Rack to see what sizes they have that are 28" tall. When I had my 68 Satellite 440+6 wagon, I had to run a light truck tire on the back because of the weight. They were a 235 (I think) 75R15 mounted on factory 15X7" rims. Fit well and looked fat on that wagon.

Weight? 4580 EMPTY
69 Runner was referring to me on the 3.54s and 5-spd. Drving from Texas to the Mopar Nats in Columbus in a car with black vinyl interior, no air and three carbs meant running over 3 grand on the highway with all three carbs sucking fuel - my ears were ringing at the end of the day and I was sweating like a donut at a cop convention. A guy on the same trip made it in a Dart with 4.11s. He had to get gas every 100 miles or so.

Un-hijacking the thread here - what motor do you have, Ben? High RPM screamer or low RPM torque monster?
I was originally thinking 27 inch in back so I guess I was going the right route will those fit ok on a stock satellite? also what would be a good size for the front? all your help is much appreciated. oh yeah 440 magnum out of a 69 charger,which is pretty much stock but im planning on adding some bells and whistles to pep it up a little more until I can afford a serious rebuild.
I have 235/70-15 all around on my 66 Bel, and if they fit on that they should most definitely fit the later B body, especially the rear.
Thanks meep-meep,U R always helpful,so I shouldnt have any problems with the 4.10,and the tires right or would U guys recommend I sell the 4.10 and go with a better recommended ring and pinion? also any takers on my question about the rims,what size should i go with? alsoany takers on how much smaller can my front tires be than the back? thanks to all of U!
235/60-15 front on 15x7 and 275/60-15 rear on 15x8 is a pretty common setup on these cars. That is what we just put on our 69 Super Bee, so I would think that size would fit just fine on your Satellite. With 4.10 gears, I think you really should go with a 28" tall tire in the rear. It will save you about 500 RPM at highway speeds. If you stick with a 27" rear tire, I would probably drop down to a 3.55 rear gear. You really need to decide for yourself based on how much highway driving you will be doing, but this is just my personal opinion.
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