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rear end play

brad 66

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8:09 AM
Mar 24, 2016
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london ontario
have a klunk in rear end found you can turn wheels 4 or 5 inches before driveshaft moves . had rear end out everything looked good .welcome all suggestions .it is not a sure grip .
Hmmmm…...if you turn the driveshaft, how much before the wheels move? Have you verified that the u-joints, tailshaft bearing/seal and rear end pinion seal/bearing are in good shape? No movement when wiggled firmly side-to-side?
4 or 5 inches could be the spider gears turning before the driveshaft moves on a open rear. Leave one wheel on the ground and try it. Or have someone hold the opposite wheel. Normally only one side will work at a time when jacked up.
The thread title here is misleading.

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When you had it out, did you turn the yoke and watch the ring gear? If so, how much did the yoke turn before the ring gear moved?
I would take a look at the cross shaft in the ring gear carrier.....the shaft that the spiders run on and make sure the shaft itself is good in the carrier. Never seen one waller out the fit in the carrier on an 8 3/4 but have heard of it but had one with a 9 1/4 that got bad enough to where it raised hell one time when going down a slight hill with light throttle.
both wheels are off the ground i can see the other wheel and driveshaft nothing moves 4 inches back and forth .i got an old sized rearend from a buddy tore down to understand .see how they work now it makes less sense what its doing.
Are you saying you're not seeing any play?