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Rear Main Seal - sealing things up

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Aug 20, 2019
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I'm replacing the rear main seal on a 440. I bought a new seal retainer from Mancini that has a double seal on each side rather than a single one like the original. I plan on using a little red RTV silicone on the retainer as well. There is a windage tray and I'll be using a Fel-pro 1834 gasket above and below it. Do I put the pan, tray and gaskets back on dry or should I use a sealant like Permatex Ultra Black, Right stuff or RTV? I'm a little concerned about the area where the rms retainer is, the transition from block to retainer wasn't super smooth with the original retainer. I haven't tried the new one yet so don't know what that will be like. I'm open to any tips or suggestions, this is my first time doing this.
There is a full main seal thread available. Take care.
I use Permatex number two when putting gaskets together. Helps seal but is non hardening. Cleans up a little easier when you need to pull stuff apart and put it back together.