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Rear pop-out window - glass removal ??


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Aug 8, 2012
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Ontario, Canada
How does the glass come out of the rear pop-oy windows? Doing a complete rebuild replaci9ng the seals and need the glass out. Also, any suggestions for removing all the old weatherstrip and adhesive?
Also covered in my Bee restoration thread in full detail... a couple pages back before the link I gave you yesterday on the vent frames.

You have to take it completely apart. Glass is held in with the same H pins and mylar that the door glass uses.
Hmmmm - not so sure I want to buy another set of those. The last set I bought were NOS I believe. I hear the repros aren't that great.
Looking at your photos I'm thinking that glass doesn't need to come right out to change the rubber seals - correct? Those seals are my main objective since they got buggered up the first time the car was painted but the "hinge" all seems to be fine.
So the hinge channel comes away from the frame by removing a tubular rivet at each end. Did you rivet those back together or some other method?
I used 2 pop rivets to put it back together vs the long tube As for the mylar that acts as the hinge you can use the shittiest reproductions in there as nothing needs to slide.
Getting that weatherstrip glue of has to be one of the messiest jobs I've done in a LONG time. Hell, even lacquer thinner won't touch that ****. Had to use Permatex Gasket Remover - which I think is paint stripper in a spray !!