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Recommendations for Red Line Radials


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Jan 11, 2022
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Fredericksburg, VA
I am finally about to take delivery of a 69 GTX. The car was put back together with the Good Year Ployglas Red Line Tires. I am considering swapping to Red Line radials. The look of the red lines fits perfectly with the car, but I would prefer something that handles a little better than the Polyglas. Do you guys have any recommendations on what would be the best options for Red Line radials? This is almost exclusively meant to be a street car and meant to be driven. Not planning to be hitting any drag strips with the car. Appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.
Diamondback is a good choice. If you don't like the tires they use they can put the red lines on almost any tire you want to use.
I am super happy with my Diamond Back Redline radials .
They ride and drive SO MUCH better than the BFGs I took off of it

Fifth for DiamondBack. Mistakenly bought Coker first time around, and got about 4000 miles on them before one front tire had plies separate. Recently bought a pair of D.B.'s for the front and still have Cokers on the rear. We'll see how that goes.
I think they will use the carcass you want.
Found out about Diamondback from a guy at a cruise in so cal, about fifteen years ago. He had redlines put on the old BFGdrag radials.... for the back of his REAL 440 dart.
They will do redlines on mickey drag radials if you want, but they won't stand by the work, as the mickey sidewalls are too soft.
I think you are right in that DB offers a couple to several line of tires you can request and they will buff the sides and apply the striping. That’s my understanding.
What's wrong with Coker?
For my experience, see post # 6. Plus, the Cokers took a lot of weight to balance up. The replacement DiamondBacks only took a couple of ounces. Diamond Back lets BFG make the tires that that DB applies their sidewall to. Coker tries to make tires with BFG's old molds. I think BFG has more experience at making tires.
whats the diffrence between the dB ss and dB iii that summit sells
I believe the SS starts as a Milestar and the III starts as a BFG T/A.

No experience with the SS but would have no aversion to trying it.