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Remember Split Rims on Pickups?

I worked in a tire store back then and after one tried to go through the ceiling taking part of the cage with it, we quit doing them.
I changed my share from 16'' to 20'' back in the day. The rusty ones you had to watch out for..
This is cutting edge news!
Lol, yeah back when (I'm a geezer) working on those wasn't as scary as thought - meaning - didn't know better on how those could kill ya or separate a coveted limb. Having had to investigate workplace accidents...one guy was decapitated and another lost an arm...SO I said to myself - ain't gonna mess whit dat chit again..
One of those nearly killed a family member of mine. There is a reason split rims are a thing of the past.
Neighbouring VFD got called to local repair shop where something went wrong and split rim literally took the guy's head off. Some of the First Responders were traumatized for quite a while by this scene.
They were designed for commercial trucks that needed to be able to have a tire replaced anywhere. Side of the road with just a few tools. Catastrophic explosions were mostly caused by the rings being damaged by inexperienced tire changers and that would prevent them from properly engaging the ring groove in the outer wheel. Cages were not available on the side of the road.
If you come across a set, just replace them with modern safety rims.