Remember the Paul Rossi Mirada


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Jan 10, 2014
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youngsville, NC
Former Paul Rossi NHRA stock eliminator Dodge Mirada. Yes I know it has a Cordoba LS nose on it, but here’s the deal. Paul Rossi a legendary Mopar stock eliminator racer out of California had raced a wheel standing 440 Challenger successfuly for years. He came out with this 360 LA powered Mirada in 80 or 81 & Hot Rod magazine featured it. I fell in love with the car. Mirada’s make such cool looking drag cars. Well fast forward to about 2015 Rossi had retired from drag racing. I’m at my local track with my car. I’m in the pit waiting to be called to the staging lanes. They call Stock/Super Stock Cars to the lanes & im watching them drive to the lanes when suddenly this very car drives by. My jaw dropped. No way Paul Rossi is here at this track. He must have sold the car to someone in the area. So I ran up to the fence to watch it run. Then had to hurry back to my car to run mine. When I got a chance I walked over & talked to the gentleman & he confirmed it was indeed the Paul Rossi car. I can’t tell you how happy that made. The car is now in North Carolina (and let’s pray it stays here so I can continue to see it race). Fast forward again to this weekend & they are having an NHRA Division II event at one of the local tracks. Hoping the car would be there I took Friday off so I could see the qualifying sessions. I was sitting in my street car eating lunch when the call came for Stock Eliminator Cars to the lanes. So I headed right up there & sure enough it was there. I walked over & got the video you see here & a brief explanation on the Cordoba LS nose. Yes the paint scheme has been somewhat changed from the magazine photos by Hot Rod & now wearing MOPAR on the door instead of Dodge. Still cool to see it & it was running well too. So click on the picture to open the video and enjoy
Former Paul Rossi Stock Eliminator car racing at GALOT Motorsports Park
Former Paul Rossi Stock Eliminator car racing at GALOT Motorsports Park