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Remove &89 rear pinion bearing?


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Jan 28, 2012
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Using a split bearing remover/puller, is it a foregone conclusion it will destroy a 489 rear pinion bearing, requiring a replacement or is there a way to get under the center race without damage to it? Is a 3” puller a proper size to use? Or is a 4-1/2” better?

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And the answer is . . . . the bearing is OK but did a number on the pinion depth shims. Now to hone out the bearing for a set up bearing.


Doctor Diff offers a tool that will pull the rear pinion bearing without damaging it.

If your split bearing puller has a taper in the center you may get lucky. Get the tapered edge on to rollers and it will force rollers against upper lip on race you might get bearing off. 50/50 chance. For $198 you could buy 2 bearings and hone one out.
Yep, but buying an extra bearing was a lot cheaper than spending $200 on a puller I may need only once.

I bought a 5” puller from Harbor Freight Fran and filed down the inner edge to a pretty fine edge. It worked in under the back edge of the inner bearing OK. When it was pretty securely under there and starting to move the bearing I put it in my hydraulic press and pressed it off. It was tight, at first I didn’t think my 20 ton press was going to do it but it finally started moving OK. I don’t really understand why they need that much interference fit. The bearing looks fine - the shims took a beating though from the bearing splitter. I’m enlarging the bore of this bearing to make a set up bearing out of it. Going to do the same with the old, no name preload bearing too just to make trial set ups easy.
I used my hub puller in conjunction with the bearing puller. Just get a couple grade 8 bolts that fits your puller. Works good for the pinion also. The press is better for the pinion if you have one.