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Remove front trim bezel from my 67 Charger

Dean Prevolos

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12:18 PM
Sep 3, 2020
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Naples, Florida
I am prepping my car for paint and want to remove the front trim bezels from my 67 Charger.

I have the bottom fasteners removed but can't locate the location of the top fastener inside the fender well? I have looked under the front fender, which has undercoating, and can't see any fastener nut to remove. Before I scrap off the undercoating I'd thought I would ask here and see if anyone can give me a definitve answer. I have found a photo of the back-side of a bezel and it looks like the access to that top fastener may require me to remove the fender. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

FRont bezel back side_LI.jpg Charger front bezel .JPEG
You will have to take the splash shield off. Then look towards the front. You will see the nuts and studs. A long extension and socket are needed. A little easier to do if you have the tire off.
Here's what to do.....first remove the front wheel and then from underneath the front fender, remove the upper front splash shields. (4 bolts if I remember correctly) And yes you will need to remove some undercoating to find the bolt heads.

The chrome headlight surrounds are held on with 3 small studs with nuts and 1 bolt. None of which are easy to find....but, using a flashlight and fingers, look for and or feel for the two top nuts hidden in the top recesses of the fender.

Squirt WD-40 or similar on the nuts and let sit for a while. Use 1/4" drive ratchet, long extension and a small deep socket (I say small because I don't recall the exact size, but something like a 3/8") to remove the nuts. Resist just forcing the little nuts loose, rather move the socket clockwise and counter clockwise to break loose. Sometimes the nut is frozen on the stud and the stud unscrews from the housing instead, that's ok it happens that way sometimes. There is a third nut/screw on the lower inside of the surround that is much easier to see and to work with. You might want to start with that one first to get the hang of things.

And the fourth bolt is a real duezy too. Believe it or not, you may want to remove the front bumper to get to the little bugger. The bolt, (7/16") head size, screws into the housing from above the bumper splash shield. The damn bolt will not come out without removing the shield, and the shield is riveted to the bumper brace....so off must come the bumper.

Just a note...if a stud unscrews and comes out of the surround housing, it's a good idea to remove the frozen nut from the stud and replace the stud in the housing before attempting replace the surround. Believe me, you will find it nearly impossible to screw in stud back into housing otherwise.

Good luck....take your time....patience required.
Thank you 440 4 speed and pbiggs, I have the bumper off, headlights, turn signal and splash shield. I have removed the lower fasteners but couldn't locate the ones at the top, inside the fender well. So I will do as you say and remove some of that undercoating to look for those remaining fasteners.
I removed the splash shields after finding those 4 bolts that have been sitting under the undercoating for 43 years. Once removed, as you all said, the long extension reached the fasteners for removal. I already had the bumper off, so the lower nut access went well. Both trim pieces are off the car. Thanks for all your comments.