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Removing Pistol Grip & Lever ?

Vermont Rock

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2:00 PM
May 3, 2015
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70 Road Runner, 383, 4 speed. Trying to remove the entire pistol grip lever from the shifting mechanism. Followed the shop manual's instructions to slide a .010" feeler gauge down the driver's side to release the spring-loaded ball, but Nothing. I want to pull the gearbox. What am I missing ?
Thanks, Rocket
You're not missing anything,spray some WD40 or similar and take you time,make sure you get the feeler gauge down far enough.
I can feel & hear the feeler gauge bump against something metallic. I sprayed WD40 last night. The hacksaw blade idea sounds good.
I've been told before that my tool is not long enough, so this is no surprise.
Bewahhaaaaaa! That's funny! "Your tool is not long enough", hahahhahaaa! Sorry, just had to say that.

You'll get it, some are just more of a pain than others.
There is one on both sides .. you have to release them at the same time
tallhair: Are you sure there is a detent on both sides ? The shop manual says only the driver's side & it is a pretty tight fit on the passenger side But if there are 2, that could be my problem. Please confirm. Rocket
I would like to get the stick from my OEM shifter re-chromed. How do I get the stick out of the mechanism?

OEM shifters used a “bayonet-style” stick, held in with two metal clips and rubber isolators on each side of the stick. To remove the stick, place or push a steel shim or feeler gauge down each side of the stick, at the bottom where the chrome handle goes into the mechanism, and pull. Should you need new clips and isolators, they are available through your nearest Hurst retailer or through Hurst for a nominal charge. Contact Tech Services for more information ( 707-544-4761, Monday to Thursday 6:30AM – 5:00PM and Fridays 6:30AM – 1:30PM).


You have to release both at the same time so use a feeler guage on each side. Slide it in at an angle then rotate/pivot the feeler guage towards the straight up orientation so it's inline with the handle. Do this both sides at the same time (insert one then the other and leave both in) and it will pull right out.