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Replacing front leaf spring bushings?

493 Mike

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FBBO Gold Member
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7:14 AM
Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
Hi fellas,
Has anyone devised a slicker method for replacing these bushings? I've used the torch mainly over the years but it sure is smelly and messy.
I've used a press before. Someone helping is a plus or use a stand to hold up the other end....
I Use a die grinder. Cut it strait across and collapse it with a chisel.
I Use a die grinder. Cut it strait across and collapse it with a chisel.
Same here but that's after the messy part of removing the rubber. A pipe and all thread can be used to pull them out as well but like a press much better.
Well fellas, thanks for the responses. I was rebuilding the springs so I disassembled them and worked on just the main leaf. I used the handle from my bushing driver set to press out the bolt sleeve, then a large socket to press out the rubber bushing, and hacksawed through the outside sleeve down to the spring and cold chiseled the remainder out. TA DA!
Antiseized the spring eye and first 1/2" of the new bushing assembly and pressed it in using a tapered roller bearing cone that fit the new shell beautifully. I save cups and cones (stripped of rollers and cage) to press on new bearings and whatever.
I reassembled both springs and got one back in the car today. It's a good thing I'm not working "flat rate", I'd have lost my ***!
Man, you sound like me lol. For years, I didn't throw away anything and found uses for the parts and pieces to be used as tools.....shade tree mechanic under roof to the max! Just be careful with using bearing parts. They are hardened and can shatter without warning. Ask me how I know that!! :D