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Reproduction Hood mounted turn signals 1970 Charger

Kern Dog

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Apr 13, 2012
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These are such a cool feature.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that not all 1970 Chargers had them. They were optional on the base model.
My red car is originally an “XP”, also known as a “500”. This mid level model was well optioned and the turn signals were part of that.
My right side has been finicky for years due to a frayed wire at the bulb socket.

Jigsaw came with a hood from a base model car known as “XH” in the VIN.
It had the housings but no lenses or wiring. It actually had block off plates!

A FBBO member @Canadian1968 posted here that he now offers reproduction lenses for the ‘70 model Charger along with the ‘68 and ‘69 models.
The stock versions look like so:

They have one wire and are grounded by a thin strap.
The 3D printed reproductions look slightly different.



They use two wires. One red, one black with a loop terminal on the end.


The plastic bulb cover won’t corrode and unscrews to replace the bulb.



The ground wire is long enough to attach to the stud that retains the lens housings.
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I want to cut the original wires back and put bullet connectors on them for easier removal.
Maybe not...I forgot that once the bulb socket is disconnected that the new arrangement will be essentially the same as the old.


These are plenty bright. I’ll get the connectors and report back when it is done.

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I found a set of block off plates for the 68-69 version a few years ago at Carlisle. I didn’t buy them, despite only being $15.- I figured everyone would add the lights. My friends ‘68 R/T did not have the light package option, or they got omitted on the assembly line.
Looking great KD ! Thanks for shout out ! I'm happy to help people get that little bit closer to finishing their projects with a little modern twist!

Enjoy the extra brightness and virtually no chance of corrosion . I have started to put just the lightest smear of dielectric grease around the inside edge of the locking cap just to help with the snug fit !
Project complete.
I got these wired and soldered in today.


I was in error though. I thought that the black ground wire was long enough...


To reach the hood itself where the outer housing attaches:

IMG_2347 (3).jpg

Another 3/4" on the wire would have made it. No problem though. The screw that retains the bulb arrangement provides adequate grounding for the low demand LED bulb.

I see old cars with hood mounted turn signal indicators and think that back then, I don't recall as many people driving for miles not knowing that their blinker was going.
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