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Reproduction steel wheels


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May 12, 2015
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Norwood, Ontario
I have been running 15 inch Cragar SST on my Roadrunner since the 80s and was thinking of changing to body color steel wheels with Plymouth Division dog dish hubcaps. What are your experiences with repops ? I was looking at the ones offered by Year One.
I upgraded my wheels, 15x8's and 15x10's after market steel wheels from summit. Over all I'm happy with them and love the stance. Only complaint is the factory dog dish caps don't fit well. On the factory wheels, there are 4 "nubs" that hold the caps on. The aftermarkets only have three, which required a little massaging (grinding) to get the caps to snap on. I did apply some glue to them as a secondary precaution, but in the end, I now run them without the caps.

P.S......I have run these wheels on a road course race track with some hefty loads appied to them. They are pretty strong with no issues.

IMG_1882[1].JPG IMG_2108[1].JPG IMG_2366[1].JPG IMG_04246.jpg
At one time there was a problem with the aftermarket steelies not holding the dog dish cap on.
Some are 3 lug for the caps,others are 4.Factory Chrysler used both.
Maybe someone will chime in if the problem was corrected.
^^^^^(What he said) Dang that 69 is nice !
Got a set of 15x8 made by wheel vintiques through Summit. Nice quality, holds the caps with no problems.
I’ve got a pair of 15 by 8, wheel vintiques, on the back of the coronet.

I bought them about 8 years ago. They were made in the USA. Hopefully, they still are.

mine are of good quality
Here's my setup with part numbers/prices from Summit Racing....

Front wheel 15x8 Part #63-5812042 $126 x 2
Front tire 245/60R15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T $146 x 2
Rear wheels 15x10 Part#63-5012052 $182 x 2
Rear tire 295/50R15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T $190 x 2
excellent thanks. The ones I am looking at have 4 nubs. I will call to see who manufactured them and I will check Summit also. Bolt pattern is 5 x 4 1/2.., correct? Been 40 years.!
20190908_163551 (1).jpg
wheel vintiques through Summit

Same here 15/7 front and 15/8 rear with Plymouth Division dog dishes all around. No problems on my 69 Fury III. I had them cleared before I installed the tires.
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What backspacing are you running? I'm looking to run 15x7 up front and 15x8 in the rear of my stock '69 RR. I see on the summit website 4'' or 4.5''
I am running 4" back spacing on the 15/7 and 4 1/2 inch on the 15/8 wheels. Of course what your car needs , I have no clue. At the moment I run 275 60 15 on the rear 15/8's and 255 60 15 on the 15/7 on the front.