Retrosound Hermosa vs Long Beach


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Sep 30, 2020
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Help me pick one of these - I don't use Apple products or plan on subscribing to Sirus XM, and it appears the only other advantages the Long Beach has are an extra USB port and a dedicated subwoofer output. I'm thinking I would probably play media from a tablet PC connected by bluetooth, so the extra USB port wouldn't be useful except to power or charge other devices. But, if the need arose for multiple USB ports a USB hub could be added to the one USB port on the Hermosa. Which means the one advantage the Long Beach has is the dedicated subwoofer channel. How useful is that? I've never had a good system but it appears that they start around 1000 watts, which is three times what the built in amp of the Hermosa and Long Beach put out. So maybe I don't use either the built in amp or the dedicated subwoofer channel.

With amps having bluetooth connectivity, I'm wondering if the head unit is even necessary, except that the volume control is easier to access on a head unit than a tablet.