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Rubber Bumper Guard Repair/Refurbish


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6:05 PM
Mar 15, 2012
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Sorry if this has been addressed before but I've searched extensively and can't find anything about it. I have a 1972 Satellite Sebring Plus with the optional rubber bumper guards. I'm starting to restore the car and have decided I want to keep the guards. The rear ones are in good condition but the front one has a small tear and some other cracks. Since these are virtually impossible to find I was wondering if there is a way to repair the rubber with an appropriate filler/vulcanizing etc??? and then repainting with something that makes it look look original. Or am I stuck with trying to find a replacement? I'm new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated.
I restored the ones on my 73 RR. Basically I used an epoxy to fill any gouges, divots or what not. Once that was completed and dry, sand smooth. I then used Dupli-Color Bumper coating. Use with adhesion prompter and you should be good to go.
Thanks, that's basically what I was thinking. I just wanted to get opinions before I did something stupid and damaged them beyond repair. Also do you have a suggestion as to which epoxy to use?
I have used Plastifix, it comes in a powder and you add the catalyst and build it up in layers. Its tricky, but I have also used JB weld with good results. Just about anything that bonds to the rubber that you can sand should do the trick.