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Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
I noticed the left strut rod bushing looked funky on my 65 Coronet so, of course, I tore the entire front suspension out. I'm replacing all the rubber items as the joints are all tight. RA has everything I need but a boot for the pitman arm. Where can I buy one?
Another question: my outer tie rod ends have a rubber shield/cover on them and one is ripped. Are these available anywhere?
Thanks fellas!
Your best bet is the polyurethane like Evan shows above. That's all I use now.I did several cars with the replacement rubber ones from places like Year One,Classic etc. They all split and rotted within a few years (I need to replace the split ones on my 65 that were Year One.) They do make several sizes so do a search with your model/year. I have found them at Auto Zone/others on the shelf.As far as the boot type I'm doubtful anyone makes them as they were no longer used around 67-68ish.
I know. I replaced my pitman arm with a new Moog and the boot split within a few months. It was an Energy Suspension boot that I got from O'Reillys.
They call them condoms these days. Rubbers are what you wear on your feet when you're in England and it's raining.
Thanks for the replies fellas. I had already ordered new polyurethane tie rod end boots, all Moog rubber front suspension bushings, and poly ball joint boots before I posted. The boot I am looking for is for the pitman arm end at the center link attachment point.
The shield/cover I'm referring to covers the nut that attaches the outer tie rod end on each side. It slips over the lower ball joint for retention. I've never seen these before and I've been working on Mopars for 50 years now.
I have them on both the 2 door and the wagon. Both cars are low mile original. I have not looked for any replacements but I would like to know if they are available.
Here's a couple of photos of the "stone shields". I decided to leave them both off (one was serviceable).