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SB to BB Radiator hoses - School Me


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Oct 17, 2016
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Take me to school.

I'm tickling with the idea of replacing the 360 in my '73 SSP with a 400. I've spend a few $s recoring and rebrassing the 26" radiator in the car so I'd sure like to use it with a BB but the upper rad hose connects to the drivers side. Do they make hoses that swap sides to accommodate BB motor cooling?


Correct me if I am wrong someone, but I believe that in 73 or so the lower hose went to the other wise of the motor on the water pump housing. so maybe use that style an find a hose made for that year big block.
Yes later (I'm guessing 1975 to 78) BB water pump housings they moved the lower hose to the passenger side like the small block.
Small block A/C upper hose as in your photo is the same as BB.If the BB didn't have A/C it was on the passenger side.
I have a 75 BB rad in my car that is for a non A/C as in this photo.