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Setting up the gas bottle on my Mig Welder

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Mar 4, 2013
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Hudson Florida
Where should I have the pressure regulator set on my new Mig welder. Right now it's set to Cubic Feet per Minute
Argon 11 Co2 10. Is this good. Thanks
The flow rate is in cubic feet per hour.
I set mine in the range of 40 cfh.

I think I run 40 CFH

(I dont do too much 1/2" stuff)


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We set ours at work to 40 on all the welders we use ,but we use a 75 % argon and 25 % C02 mix .We re weld bumpers and bulkhead brackets that robots mis weld at the cells.
Thanks Now I'm just waiting the Electrical guy to get back to me on installing another 220 outlet. Since I can't use my dryer 220 outlet for the welder.
This is my GAGE set-up :

NOTE: the Arogon/CO2 mix Gage is CFH (Cubic Feet per Hour) A Flow meter
The pressure gage simply shows how much pressure is in the Bottle (The more pressure means the bottle is FULL)


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I run mine at 25-30 but your welder will tell you if your getting a lot of flagg (sparks) you or pourious welds you will have to up your psi !:headbang:
I run 15 on mine and 20 if its breezy. If you start to get porosity you obviously need to crank it up a bit
Thanks guys. They will be putting in the new 220 outlet next week. I could have made a cord to work with my dryer outlet. But that didn't seem very safe. So I decided to do it right.
I run 15 no problem, using more than you need doesn't hurt anything but your wallet.
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