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Shout out to Quick Performance for customer service


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Mar 28, 2014
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I figured this forum section or Resto-Mod and Pro Touring would be the 2 most appropriate for this comment.
I had Quick Performance build a 9" rear axle assembly for my wife's GTO. Pricing out rear axle assemblies with the well known players, Moser, Strange, etc and even with the step up options I added (nodular iron case, Daytona pinion carrier, and others...) I found Quick Performance to be WAY less expensive. I also added having the housing powder coated.
I got UMI involved with a conference call with QP regarding a product UMI had that replaced the lower control arms. They have "lift bars" which function as lower control arms, but also have an effect on the instant center and increasing the traction at the launch, but that requires the multi-hole brackets (adjustable) to be welded to the axle housing. Despite all of my efforts, Quick Performance dropped the ball and installed regular (one hole) brackets.
I was up against a deadline for Cruisin the Coast, the one sure vacation we take each year. So I told QP I had to have the rear axle assembly installed NOW in order for us to make it, but I needed them to weld the correct adjustable brackets on a new housing, with all the options I had paid for and powder coat that one too, and I would make the swap later. They agreed, and for my part, I would cover the labor to make the swap, the new housing for the old, and all that entailed.
I was also able to make some changes to the rear suspension setup that involved changes to the new housing, learning from seeing the first one installed. I decided to switch from the factory separate spring and shock design to a single coilover per side, but unlike the questionable coilover conversion layout that puts way too much stress on the shock top mount, being as it was never designed to carry the weight of the back half of the car, I also have to thank Doug at Global West for having his shop machine a coilover conversion kit that places the coilovers in the factory spring location, in front of the axle housing rather than behind, and in the spring position, which is designed to support the weight of the vehicle. Global West used to sell that kit, but I guess not enough people wanted their coilovers done the BEST way, that also required welding, but he had them make the kit for me, and only charged me about $250. That 2 part kit has to be welded to the rear axle housing and the other part has to be welded to the car where the top of the springs normally press against. QP did that addition work on the housing as well, all at no charge.
I also had them commit to give me an at cost deal on the Wilwood disc brakes setup I now have on my Roadrunner, and that saved me about $650, and gave me the unique bragging rights of having 6 piston Wilwood calipers on all 4 corners, 12.88" diameter front, and 12.2" diameter rear. QP knows a "trick" in that the 4 piston hardware actually works with the 6 piston caliper. The only 6 piston full sets for Mopar that I know of is Baer, and even then, 6 piston rear calipers on a Mopar is rare. QP was professional and courteous throughout the process, helped me with my choices and options on the disc brakes for the Roadrunner, as well as coordinating the redesign of the GTO rear axle housing.
Finally, I was bragging on Quick Performance for their marketing efforts and getting their products out and in use, as I have really noticed a LOT of racers, in particular on Street Outlaws, other "car programs" on TV, and elsewhere, "flying their colors". My QP sales rep asked me what kind of apparel I had seen, and then sent out 2 T-shirts and 2 hoodies, for both me and my wife.
So, yeah, that's a "wall of text" to say that Quick Performance may have made a mistake, but I am completely satisfied with the way they made up for it.
I just wanted to let all of you know.
Wow a great story chalked full of wins. Nice to hear.
Thanks. I'm not sure how much the shop owner, who did the original swap over from the Pontiac weak assed rear axle to the awesome QP 9" rear axle assembly is going to charge me to swap the QP housing that's in there for the new one, and weld in the round "top plates" for the coilovers, but I have used him for a LOT of work on both the GTO and my Roadrunner, so I'm hoping to not have to pay much.
I could have waited for the new housing way back when it was first installed, but my wife wouldn't have had her car for Cruisin the Coast, and I wouldn't have had the chance to see the improvements and changes I wanted to make, that have been incorporated into the new housing, so all in all, their error made way for a much better result.
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glad to hear it all worked out
& the suppliers helped

still some good people out there