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Six barrell choke set up


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FBBO Gold Member
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6:17 PM
Feb 7, 2013
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I just can't seem to mget my choke & fast idle set up properly. Stock 440 six barrell. New choke thermostat. Can someone explain how to adjust the choke setting & fast idle setting. I have the service manual, but just can't get it right.
I'm going from memory here.... for the choke setting, I believe you adjust it (more open/more closed) by simply bending the long rod that goes from the choke thermostat to the choke flap on the center carb.
You shouldnt have to bend the choke rod. You have to bend the square tab that rests on the fast idle cam. This will determine your idle speed while the choke is on. Use a needle nose or a screwdriver to bend it. Fits right into the slot. The actual choke gets adjusted by the spring on bottom. Loosen nut and adjust.

2300 choke tab.jpg

choke adjust.gif

Just to be clear - insert straight blade here, twist gently to alter rpm.