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Sloppy neutral safety switch, 70 R/R.


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Oct 1, 2011
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Sedona AZ
I had to part with an old friend today. My Group 27 battery, which was purchased at a MoPar Dealership back in January of , get this! 2003 gave up the ghost!!! I have had the car 12 of those years, and found the tag on a part of the battery that was never seen. That my friends will NEVER happen again!

Now onto an ongoing problem. Seems that there is troubles with my neutral safety switch. The cap is VERY loose, and even though I use contact cleaner and shove that thing back on as tight as I can, it is simply unreliable. Should I simply deal with it? And if the motor does not crank in park, simply by pass the switch and start it in neutral? Are these switches a P.I.T.A. to swap out? Is there any danger of starting the car in neutral instead of just fixing the switch?

Also, yes, my shifter linkage is quite sloppy as well when I am fooling around down at the switch. Is there a simple fix "kit" as well? As you may have noticed, I keep reverting to "simple fixes". Reason? well I have to admit that I am not much of a mechanic...Thank you.
The loose connection may just be the connector itself, not the switch. Until you repair it, neutral is safe to start in as long as you have a foot on the brake so the car doesn't roll when on an incline. Of course put it back into park once started until you're ready to take off:) You can shop on places such as YEARONE or Classic Industries to mention a couple for replacement parts like that. I believe a few other suppliers carry them as well.
I assume you're talking about the nss on an automatic. I had the same problem and I found out there are 2 sizes that can be bought. I need the one that is referred to as long. What that describes is the length of the hex fixture that's part of the switch. Both sizes will fit perfectly, but the shorter one won't hold on the 3 prong connector worth a damn. It takes some investigating, but you'll see that one of them is described as " LONG ". I'd give you a part # but I don't remember it or who I bought it from. Maybe O'REILLYS. Hope this helps.
EDIT: I checked O'reillys and part # is TE-120.
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Thanks for the above replies. I have exhausted my search for just the cap and wire part of the neutral safety switch. Is this an actual part that can be ordered? If so, I would really appreciate knowing from whom. Also, the column shifter linkage bushings for a 70 B Body. Seems that 1970 was a singled out year for some reason?
Again, thanks for all your help.
Thank you! That just might work.
I believe mine is only a two wire plug, but will double check.
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