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So much new cars at the car shows


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Jan 31, 2019
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I know this is germany but do you guys also notice an increase of new cars at the car shows?
Pre covid i recall not so many new cars being present but this year i've seen almost more new then old cars at the shows.

I don't like this trend. Why is it even happening?
No interest in old cars anymore or is it because people can more easily get their hands on these new cars through financing?
But financing something like a hellcat isn't exactly cheap afaik.
Only for about the last 15 years!
I do feel there’s been a bit of a shift in the last year or two here, the % of vintage cars to newer cars at cruises and shows seems to be increasing.
Agree, many newer cars and honestly i walk rite past them they do not interest me. Boring so they buy a hellcat and add couple stickers and then enter a show. Anyone can buy horse power.JMO. not my coup of tea jesse
Haven’t bought a new car in over 25 years. Don’t like the depreciation. Bought vehicles a year or two old a few times, more often older, low mileage. Newest car I have is an ’09 now with 70k on it. No car payments. Looking at new/newer trucks, the prices are insane so did a body transplant on my well-optioned Dakota Laramie having 80k on it. Rust was the issue, new struts, shocks, exhaust manifold gaskets, rust-free box, new fenders, bumper, paint job. $4,200 later, I have a new looking truck. Always like Dakotas anyway, having had three of them, haven’t been made since 2011. Good enough with me.
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