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staples for replacement window sweeps


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Nov 12, 2015
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Clearwater FL
I bought a kit to replace the window sweeps on my 62 Fury but the staples that came with the kit are more narrow than the original one. does anyone know where to find the wider heavy staples. I have tried the hardware stores but they are all to narrow. All the electrical staples are way to big. I know people that have pop riveted them back in but i did not want to go that way.
no those are all to narrow. i went to lowes and everything is pretty much that width. it must be standard which has a crown of close to 7/16 but these need to measure a solid 1/2 crown otherwise they dont match the original holes. im guessing these may not be available or they would have came with the kit.
Why buy them, I've been making my own for several decades. 1/16" welding rod bent around needle nose pliers. I can make them faster than going to town to try to find them. Three different widths.