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Steelies, lugs, holes and an opinion - please

"new-B" John

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5:59 PM
Sep 4, 2021
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Stoney Creek, ON Canada
Hi all,

I'm new (8 months) to my 65 coronet and reading lots, here especially (thx, great group).

Our auto mechanic is concerned one or two of my steel wheels have worn lug holes. He's explained that over time, on, off on, off the holes wear and that it is unsafe. The lugs don't fall through, one or two don't sit as hight, marginally than the other three or four, but it still seats in the chamfer. Of course I need it to be safe, but wonder if a new-car mechanic might be out of sync. I figure this group will have an opinion.

Can't say for sure without seeing. But QUOTE> "one or two don't sit as hight, marginally than the other three or four, " leads me to believe you probably have a problem! And, a wheel that has been run with lugs that are loose, will wear out the holes. Better safe than sorry.
Wheels that are over 50 years old along with the lugs do wear after time.
Who knows how many times they have been taken off and on.
If there is doubt,it's time for some new ones.
Yes, better safe than sorry and why I am already in the process of switching out wheels. I was just trying to get a better understanding of the the wear (over 55 years, is right). Come to think of it the one the mechanic showed me did seem to have bare metal on the inside of the lug hole. Thanks for the feedback folks.