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Steering wheel lock ring removal


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5:02 AM
May 23, 2020
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Bloomington, IL
Anyone know how to remove the inner hub from a steering wheel? Looks like a lock ring removal would do the trick but not sure how or what tool??? Bought a used steering wheel which is in great shape but center hub is toast. My old steering wheel has a decent hub but wheel is totally shot.
See pics for reference.
Horn contact ring and retainer with signal cancel "tail". Take a picture to make sure you get it's orientation correct on reassembly. Make a spreader to take some tension off then pry up, or clamp a pair of good vice grips on the tail and tap it around and up to work it off.
Be gentle with that grey insulator under it they get brittle and when they fail the horn blows non stop.
That sounds like the voice of experience ! :)

Yes indeed never had a horn to blow on its own but I have taken a few of them apart in my time
and see folks with horn troubles that derive from failed insulators. I save all the good ones I find in junk steering wheels.
When you say inner hub meaning the female splined part it is molded in the wheel
yeah thats what i was trying to figure out i didnt think the inner was removable?
if the splines are good in the other wheel just remove the cancel ring,horn contact ring and insulator from it and bead blast the the hub and see what you got. Then use the good parts
from the bad wheel on it and practice on the rusty one for removing the horn and cancel parts.