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Stephens performance junkyard


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May 2, 2010
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I was wondering if anyone's gone to this junkyard in Alabama? I'm seeing pictures of wrecked daytonas and chargers wondering what's left out there. Or if its open to the pubic? I have been told there's a mopar junk yard around here that's private I'm wondering if this was it?
I am sure that someone else posted a junkyard just like this a couple of years ago. Possibly the same one. :thumbsup:
The guys on Muscle Car TV show used to go there from time to time when they were working on a Mopar project.
Bought parts from them which they shipped and saved my a**.
Can't say enough good about them.
I would love to walk through it some hot sweaty day before I die.
I ordered a good used map light from them with wires included. Very good condition for the price. They sell new parts, too.
Got a rear seat emblem from them awhile back, Fair price and they had one! No complaints.
Do they let walk-ins roam the yard?
I got a trunk lid for my 69 RR from them and it was just like they said great shape and rust free
Ted and crew are good people ! Favorite saying "We can get you everything you need."For your Mopar of course.
yes they have been in this business since ???? maybe early 80's..... probably the biggest all Mopar yard in US. I have known them forever. great people. they have to be good folk to be in this business all these years. it is their psssion.
roam yard? I doubt it!
They do not let people normally walk around the yard. And most of the pictures and information in the roadtrippers page is complete BS.

I was allowed access last year and this year to document the place. Here are some of the videos I shot, more videos can be found on my Facebook page, The Auto Archaeologist.


And here are some of the pictures I shot.



Ya Devil is right. Some of the pics on roadtrippers are even Ted's yard. He doesn't stack his cars.