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Still out there...


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Jan 16, 2014
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I've been seeing a marked surge in "barn finds" turning up all over the place. They aren't really barn "finds" as their owners have never forgotten them. They're more like retirement village finds that have been squirreled away as owners waited the day they would be worth a million bucks and they would sell them. Now that the resto costs are exceeding sale prices the values of these cars are tanking and their owners are suddenly listing them as the "look what I discovered sitting in a barn" discoveries of the year! :)

Pretty sad to think that guy probably had a fortune in that garage 5-6 years ago, but while the Superbird and Hemi Charger would still be decent money makers many of the rest of them would be lucky to make it as parts cars these days.
My luck is,
I'd find a bunch of cool cars like that were locked away & forgotten
& I'll have "no money" now, after paying off all mine & 6 kids schooling...LOL
Did you guys look at the comments on youtube lmao some chick said she would suck a dick for that car lmao!
Happy you guys enjoyed my video. This car collection was on the cover of Muscle Car Review over the summer. And I have another one, with more videos coming out here in the next week or so.