Stories about selling or 'offers' for your old rides?

Ron H

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Feb 29, 2016
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Not a Mopar but a couple years ago as the COVID crap began, I decided it was time to part with my pristine 03 Lightning pickup with 17,000 miles on it. I listed it on Autotrader Classics and got a lot of responses - tire kickers, low-ball offers, I will try to look at it when the COVID stuff is over ( boy - glad I didn’t wait on that), etc. Then a guy from Chicago calls up and says I’ll buy it - be down there tomorrow with a trailer. I say wait a minute - I need either cash or a wire transfer if that’s the case. He says I can bring cash. He does ask about price and I tell him for cash I would be willing to knock a couple thousand off my price.

The next day turns out to be optimistic as he has to wait for his bank to open, but he shows up the following morning after spending a night on the road in a motel where people try to steal his trailer and hookers roam the place knocking on doors. They spent the rest of the night sleeping in the pickup cab to guard it.

I had the truck backed out but was a bit nervous as I had googled the guy and I came up with about 4 pages of references to a famous mobster in Chicago by the same name who was famously murdered in a mob hit I think in the 80s. But I had finally found a reference to him and his auto dealership group he mentioned. Still not sure if the name is a coincidence or if he’s from that family. But I hadn’t sold a car in 30 years in a private transaction so I was nervous and even had a .380 in my pocket. He was a really friendly guy when he showed up with his business partner and he told us his story and walked around the truck. He pulled out a wad of $100 bills for the full asking price and handed me. He said he was buying the truck for himself and didn’t plan to flip it. I told him I had agreed I could take a couple thousand off the price and I would stick with that. So, I handed my wife a wad of cash and sent her off to count it - which she did, wearing rubber gloves and wearing a mask. He asked if he could drive it down to a near by auto parts store and buy a couple more tie downs for his trailer. I decided why not - I have the cash. He came back and we loaded the truck and sent him on his way. He struck us as a really good guy and he had pictures taken of all of us together before he left. He talked to us about the COVID stuff and having to watch more TV and streaming a bunch of shows and asked us if we were streaming any good shows. I told him we didn’t have a smart TV so we weren’t doing any streaming - which he seemed surprised at.

Later that day on his way back he called and said he was so pleased to meet us and with the truck that he had ordered us a new smart, large screen TV and was having it sent to us. I tried to tell him thatvwas nice but he shouldn’t do that. He said it was already on the way and to enjoy it and check out some of the streaming services.

We did get the TV and he does still keep in touch with us from time to time. We still don’t stream anything but we don’t tell him that.
Nice story! We spend a lot of time posting about skanks; but there are many standouts among us that don’t get the recognition they deserve.