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story time with Ed...... Eldubb style


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Jul 17, 2008
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South Jersey USA
2005 ........ I was in the market for a vintage Harley. I wanted electric start, in which 1965 was the first year. 1965 was also the last year for the panhead; making the '65 pan a one year only bike. That also made the '65 pan a very popular and sought after machine; popularity and big price tag is why I didn't want a '65. What I wanted was a 1966, first year for the shovel head; and what I really wanted was a '66 police bike black/white. While searching for the 66; I came across a mint '67 survivor rescued from a woman's basement, it was cherry with 9K miles on the odometer. It had not been ridden since the early 70s. Not exactly the bike I wanted, but the price was right, and I made a deal on a cool old bike. This is where my short story begins.......

The bike was 8 hours away, in the southwest corner of Virginia. I shoved a wad of cash into a sock and stuffed it into an old work boot to be safe. Who's gonna dig into a dirty old work boot? I Hooked up with a buddy of mine with a bike trailer and headed south. I was awake this particular day at a normal hour, had things to do, and arranged to do the deal the following morning. I probably should have crashed a few hours before the drive, but what fun would that be? I was almost 20 years younger than I am today. We get out of town about midnight, but I've already been awake for at least 15 hours. Who cares, we're on a quick road trip to pick up a 67 shovel head, Hell yeah!........

So we drive all night, and arrive at the destination maybe 8:30 the next morning; now I've been awake 24 hours, and just drove 8+, but I'm pumped. We do the deal, load the bike, get some food, and probably don't get back on the road until after noon maybe 12:30 / 1-ish.

Headed north through Virginia about 2 hours in, now I've been awake for over 30 hours; and I hit the wall (not literally). I was falling asleep and couldn't keep my eyes open. I needed to get off the highway

this is where it gets strange.......... I get off the highway at the next exit, and at the end of the off ramp there is a stop sign. I make a right for no apparent reason, and there happens to be a church not far up the road. I noticed the marquee in front of the church had a simple, one word message...... "REST". So I'm like, "Wow, that's pretty cool" and we pull in and find a shady spot to park on the edge of the parking lot.

It was a hot day, I left the motor run with the A/C running. I noticed it was a little after 3:00 and closed my eyes; I nodded right out..........

all of a sudden my eyes pop open, and I look at the clock ......... I've been asleep all of 15 minutes........ but I'm wide awake, alert, and ready to rock! my buddy ended up being out for at least 2 hours, maybe 3; I had the wind at my back and made it home no problem

absolute true story.

and yes, :xscuseless: so here's the bike


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So do you still have the bike?
I hated the color, we named it the "Pink Petunia"........I sold it 10 years ago, I think it's living in a museum somewhere

this is what I really wanted, minus the bags and the fugly seat..... I've moved on but never say never

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Too bad you didn't know someone who could change the color.
I know blasphemy.........
I'd ride that, I don't care what color it was!! Nice bike! ..... As far as riding, that sits nice, I don't do bikes you lay on to ride. When I lay down, it's only for two reasons.
and the story isn't about the bike....... it's about the sign in front of the church, and a 15 minute nap :rolleyes:
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I think the white seat killed it, sure was comphy tho.......

and unlike that Charger, the bulkhead connections were pristine :D

like everything else from that era........ these things are truly works of art........ and they dont rust out :rolleyes:

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