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swapping out a 8 1/4 to a 8 3/4 rear end


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6:52 PM
Mar 27, 2018
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are all 71 to 74 charger rear ends interchange with each other?
71-72 is different from 73-74. There may be more differences from there, but I'm not sure. They changed a few things suspension-wise like halfway through 73, but I don't believe it affected the rear end itself, just the leaf springs as far as the back goes. At the very least, the perches are different from the 71-72 to the 73-74, though. 73-74 added rubber isolaters that changed the perch dimensions, I believe. You can get past this, but I'm not sure how much work it takes. People have done it before.
The difference in 71-2 and 73-4 (see pics). The larger shock plate and pic #4 are used on 73-4,pic # 2 is a 73-4 spring perch

Picture 5056.jpg Picture 5059.jpg Picture 5061.jpg
are all 71 to 74 charger rear ends interchange with each other?
So....if you're working on a 73 Charger, then look for a 8-3/4" from a 73-74 b-body, and yes, you will need a different drive shaft for a bolt-in swap.

There are "big" & "little" u-joints (2 sizes), so be aware of that.
NAPA used to sell a u joint that would convert the big to little and vice versa
Just an FYI...
Conversion U-Joints, 7260/7290
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  • Meritor CP527x
  • Moog 347
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  • CR UJ347
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