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Thank you BBody geeks! Guess the ET


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Jan 22, 2022
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Want to send a thank you to this group. Since I’ve found this site I’ve learned a lot during my restoration on my first 68 last year.

It’s been a long road since saving this one. She was about to rot to death in a yard but I wasn’t gonna let this 68 opportunity slide. I got it on a smoking deal. It was always my dream to own one of these and finally she’s ready for the drag strip this week after 18 months of work. She’s not the most beautiful and will never be a show car but gorgeous in my eyes and will be a workhorse on the track. Let’s play guess the ET!

383 with Edelbrock RPM Performer heads, Isky Mega Cam. Replaced all new wiring with MSD system, 6AL Digital. 10:1 compression and 3.91 gears with a Detroit TruTrac with Moser axels. Trans is a Manual body 727 with Hurst Pistol Grip.

It’ll be on DOT slicks with Sunoco race gas. Replaced the rotted trunk and went with disc all around. Brand new lines and plumbing across the board. MagnaFuel pump with a new fuel cell and full exhaust with cut outs for the track. Restored the dash and put in an Arc pro stock starter box and Mopar Autometer Gauges. It’ll be topped with a Holley 670 Street avenger and Mopar dressings. New glass, a racing seat and let’s go racing!

No idea on weight but the interior has been stripped and the heater core is out. So I would guess I shaved 150-200lbs. Hoping for 3500??

I’m at 5800 feet with DA generally in the 8k range. I’m guessing 14.5’s. Place ya bets and thanks for always helping the little guy achieve his dream.




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Sounds like a nice solid mid to low 13s combo at a reasonable altitude to me. So I'm gonna guess high 14s. That DA is a killer.
13.8's... that air is a killer but i think it will hit a 13..
Low 14s in the beginning low 13s when it’s dialed in. Which mega did you get? I have a 292 that’s going in my 440. Stock heads for now. Have a blast with it and keep us up to date on your progress.
altitude is the killer, .4-.5 tenths slower at min,
as high as .8 tenths N/A,
compared to sea level, that's at 5280', not 8,000+ RAD
I'll go 13.99 @ 104, give you the benefit of doubt
with options * as stated

*what was the timing set at ?, less than 36* total, needs every bit of that
(maybe 38*+ at altitude) a .15 tenths slower if lower than 36*s total

*I assume & Hope it has hot ignition, hotter coil & low resistant wires
proper heat range plugs, help to burn all the fuel

*did you even say it had headers ?
(If any) what headers ?
*what size diam./length tube/collector diameter ?
*& if open did you run an extension, like a 12"-18" off the collectors ?
(you should've) if not take a .15 tenth off & a 2 mph

*was it thru the full exhaust & mufflers ?
(what size exhaust, does it have a H or X pipe, in the proper place, if any)

*& if it was with/thru cast iron manifolds & a full exhaust
even with an H or X pipe
I'll take & add a full second, and lose a few mph's too
so 14.99 @ 97, give you the benefit of doubt

*what converter, 10"-10.5" like 3,200-3,500 RPM take another .15 tenths off/faster
*if it's a 3,800-4200 RPM stall take .2 tenths off (faster), my org. prediction
maybe even *105 mph with either & the converter working well, as should

**IMO it needs a bigger (better carb) carb, depending on what RPM you run
cid x rpm -/- 3456 = cfm (390cid @ 6,000 RPM/3456 = 677cfm 'at sea level')
still a 670cfm Holley street avenger (small-ish)
& you're losing some of that cfm at altitudes
(at least it's a Holley :thumbsup: )
**also with a great flowing gauze style open element air-cleaner,
like a K&N
IMO it needs more airflow (bigger carb 'may help' some too),
even for up there, starving for air
bigger cfm & then jet it for the proper altitude
no replacement for cfm/airflow, especially at altitudes
both exhaust & intake are very important at them altitudes

the engine is just a big air pump,
what goes in must come out equally as well
more of each the better

any of the #'s I posted would still be respectable
for a stock-ish/mild modified 4,000# car, at altitudes

have fun, that's what it's all about
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