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The things you only see in a small town

Dakar Timm

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Nov 14, 2020
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Lake Mills Wisconsin
I was running errands through Waterloo Wisconsin ,close to where I live . I thought of you guys even though there wasn't a Mopar among the cars on the lot .
The old service station where these are parked is also very cool in it's own right .
Lot's of small towns out this way usually have at least one old car the has been sitting a awhile . These actually appear to be ready to drive .

60's fairlane.jpg

Big back ends.jpg

buick grill better.jpg

Buick grill.jpg

Caddy hearse.jpg

mercury four door.jpg

Model T.jpg

Sedan De ville.jpg

statesman super script.jpg

Statesman super.jpg
I believe the red car is a 1955 special "riviera", the first gm 4 door to be a hard-top without posts instead of a sedan.
What hotties!
I love using back roads for travel for just this reason. Lots of rubber necking. I don't ever stop to check them out or bother whoever owns them. I don't have the money to buy and personally, I don't like tire kickers.
a lot of 'more doors' :lol:
I did a walk with my cow in our village. Met all the business owners for a photo op at their store front and posted them on the towns Facebook page. Damn photos went viral in the area.

Imagine seeing this clown walking a cow downtown :)






I love using back roads for travel for just this reason. Lots of rubber necking. I don't ever stop to check them out or bother whoever owns them. I don't have the money to buy and personally, I don't like tire kickers.
Agree there!
One of my first experiences with the "locals" here in rural NE Tennessee, back in the early 90's...
I was enjoying "running the roads" as they say hereabouts, actually quite clueless as to what these
hollers can be (namely - dangerous as hell in places) when I saw a '67 Coronet in turbine bronze
in front of a chicken coop in a rather dilapidated yard.

Dumbass, then a city slicker, me thought "looky what I found!" and turned around, then pulled up the
dirt driveway to have a closer look...
Nary a thought of caution entered my mind. I mean come on - BARN FIND, right?
I spy the badging on the fenders, eye the straight and rust-free sheetmetal and get all happy, thinking
I'd make a quick score on a new project car - and give the "yokel" owner a couple bucks.

Uhhhh, not so much as it turned out.

In my excitement to check the interior out and what have you, I'd turned pretty tone deaf to my surroundings,
illusions of "the score" dancing in my head - until I heard footsteps, urgent and with purpose, come up behind
Next thing I know, a 12ga barrel quietly brushes up against my cheek from behind and a gravelly voice says
- quietly but terrifyingly - "notfersale".
One word, all jammed together with a heavy drawl, almost growled, like that....
I didn't even turn to look at my newfound "friend".
Fear of God properly instilled deep in my soul suddenly, survival instincts kicked in.
The kind that tells you to beat feet for the car.
"Don't say nuthin' boy. Just do it."
Ain't gotta tell me twice. I'm outta there so fast I must have left contrails behind me as I went...

That was over 30 years ago - and I never have gone back up that one lane holler since (it ain't
like it's on the way anywhere for anyone) - until just recently, that is.
Screwing around one Saturday in February, I summoned up some courage and took that turn,
drove up that road again (wife in tow, of course) and slowly went past the house of "Buford".
Yep, you guessed it - that Coronet, in all its' faded and now rusty Turbine Bronze - is still sitting
right where I found it way back then....

....and for all I care, it can rot into the damn ground right the hell there, too. :thumbsup:
Small towns are very interesting to travel through. You will find not only old cars and various antiques laying around but also some of the best "home town" cafes or restaurants and cool old bars. You walk into a small town bar and most likely will have good conversation with the locals. You walk into a big city bar and either nobody will even notice your there or it might be one of those gender specific bars.....yikes.