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The "What is a Woman" film is free this weekend on Twitter.


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May 28, 2013
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This film has been in the news with the changes going on on Twitter. People were getting fired for supporting or not supporting the film. I'm not coming down on one side of this issue but what I've seen of it the filmmaker tries to be respectful to the people he's interviewing. It would be disingenuous of me to think it's not biased since the guy works for the Daily Wire but so far he seems to be fair.

I'm not trying to be political I'm just letting you know you can watch it for free this weekend and I'm always into free stuff.
I would imagine they got the information about the subject from the new Supreme Court justice, Ketangi Brown.:lol:
I saw it last year, it’s a pretty good documentary and pretty funny at times.
Film That Just Shows Liberals Talking About Their Ideas Labeled 'Offensive Content'

Jun 3, 2023
Article Image

USA — A newly released film that simply lets liberals say exactly what they believe has been flagged for "Offensive Content" on all available platforms.
"We literally just allowed liberals to take the time to clearly explain their thoughts and beliefs," said filmmaker Matt Walsh. "Liberals are really, really offended by what comes out of their own mouths."

According to viewers, the film asked liberals easy, straightforward questions about basic biology. The liberals' recorded responses have now been marked on every existing social media platform as hateful, offensive content. "The liberals are so deeply offended by their own words, they are trying to censor the film," said Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing. "We, on the other hand, are simply fighting to let these liberal voices be heard far and wide. We want everyone on earth to have the chance to hear what liberals truly think about women."

Director Matt Walsh admits he has been surprised by the vicious liberal backlash against liberals explaining what they believe. "It's a bit shocking how offended they are by their own ideas," said Mr. Walsh. "Granted, I think the views these people espouse would make Satan blush. Still, for liberals to openly call their own doctrines 'hateful content' and demand their removal from the public sphere has been quite the eye-opener."

At publishing time, social media platforms had attached the following message to the film: "WARNING! This film contains filthy, disgusting, abominable viewpoints. Viewer discretion is advised, along with prison for anyone who enjoys the film."
Matt Walsh’s Family Asks If One Night This Year They Can Watch Something Besides 'What Is A Woman?'

Jun 2, 2023
Article Image

NASHVILLE, TN — Movie Night at the Walsh household was thrown into turmoil last night, as political commentator Matt Walsh's family pleaded with him to let them watch something other than his documentary film What is a Woman? at some point this year.

"Please, Dad? Can we just watch something else? Anything else?" one of his children asked after their father informed them he would be showing the documentary once again. "We've seen it so many times already. I have it memorized! Can we maybe just watch The Lion King?"

"The Lion King?! Disney?! You must be joking," Walsh replied. "We're going to watch the most meaningful film of this century, the film that is saving our culture from unspeakable human depravity. Your imbecilic child brain can't begin to fathom what a gift this is to you. Now, let's watch!"

"Honey, maybe we can just make an exception this one time," Matt's wife, Alissa, said. "We can watch your movie again next week, but maybe something different tonight?"

"Are you trying to censor me?" Walsh asked incredulously. "One phone call to Jeremy and he'll have a 38-tweet thread posted before you can blink. It's Movie Night, and the movie is What is a Woman?" Walsh then made sure his wife and children were all present before dimming the lights and starting the movie.

At publishing time, the Walsh family was last seen nodding politely as Matt paused the movie for the 17th time to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes commentary on each scene.
Viewing has been extended through the weekend.

Twitter’s head of trust and safety resigns
Ella Irwin, Twitter’s head of trust and safety, confirmed her resignation in a pair of tweets late Friday. She did not say in the message why she was leaving, but her departure came shortly after Musk criticized Twitter’s handling of tweets about a conservative media company’s documentary that questions transgender medical treatment for children and teens.
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Watching it now. There are a lot of mentally ill people in this country.
No nude scenes, but if there were you wouldn‘t want to see it. Bodies mutilated to try to look like the sex opposite one was born is not pretty. :realcrazy:
I stopped watching it when the "sexual mental health professional" said that "we are assigned a gender at birth based on genitalia, but she has 'learned' from transgender people that some women have penises and some men have vaginas"...
Ok, I see now...perverted mentally ill people are dictating the standards of mental health to actual trained mental health professionals.
SATAN and his minions have SEIZED control of our Executive Branch, much of the other "Departments of _____" at the federal and blue state levels of government, and have the power of forced compliance and control over us.
Our founders and God alike are correct to have bestowed upon us the inalienable RIGHT, codified in our BELOVED Constitution, to self-defense by the ownership and use of firearms.
Remember that EVERY time the Marxist democrats attempt to restrict that right in ANY way!
to answer the question........ "usually a pain in the ***"
Yep! "usually" being the key word, because otherwise ALWAYS would be the next most accurate descriptor, and that would make ME the stupid one!
Today was one of those "surprise" days, when I expected a knock down, drag out, but not only did that not come to be, but the topic arose and she was calm and factual (logical) in her thinking.
Marking this day on my calendar...
Everyone should watch this. It takes on what is happening Now, as Our Nation faces it. Do you all know how many Death Threats Matt, and His Family have had since this was released, and Removed from ALL Major MSM sources ? Wake Up...