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through the fire wall came the cool air!, ore dd I go to


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Apr 21, 2019
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Sun city ca.
so I did not want to cut up the hood, to put on a glass scoop. Cutting the body would just ruin the clean lines I have. So I went through the upper cavity at the base of the windshield, to draw in cool air with 3 inch holes, up to 4 inch runners to a twin inlet air cleaner with internal k and n filter. Inlet air temps are showing 50+ degrees cooler, and with decals and finish, it looks real clean. I’ve not seen another done this way at any shows or gathering. Don’t know if I messed it up. Home made diy projects are what I like to do. What do you all think. I always appreciate your opinions.

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Well, I would'nt have done it. But don't let that deter you, it does look super sano (nice job). You just might be a trendsetter. Lefty71
Engine backfires severely and flames shoot out the heater box and air vent consuming the occupants in flames. Ok, not likely but you've just tapped into the interior fresh air intake !!
I guess I’m looking for more function then originality, just trying to stand out in the crowd.
I was thinking of that to, that’s why I put one way spring baffle plates in the air box vents, to kill any back flash or vapors.
I like the idea, any noticeable increase in power?
See if you can find someone to make you up some tubing that's smooth on the inside. Hey it works for NASCAR!
Haven’t put enough miles yet to tell if power is up, just finished it this morning. But cool fuel, cool air, hot engine. Sounds like a good recipe for power. Isn’t every racer striving to achieve that! I know it gets on the on-ramp in a hurry.
Like Cranky said, I've seen that type of setup on old NASCAR cars. The front of the windshield is a high pressure area and you get a little bit of "ram effect". Hadn't thought about the interior backfire situation (good call Stanton)….but I like you're anti-backfire flap idea.
I know they run fuel through an ice bath, have a diverted valve that sends a cold air flow to the intake. I’ve moved the fuel line away from the engine heat, insulated the base of the air cleaner with an aluminum insulation. And now bringing in cooler air. I know I’m creating a better, colder air fuel charge. Test to follow for more seat of the pants power. Plus a maybe 5-10 % air pressure increase at base of windshield. Maybe