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Tina Turner won't be down for breakfast

Damn! Sad to hear that. I liked her.
I will never forgive her for ruining the Mad Max franchise for me, even though I realize she's not the crux of the problem, but the face of it.

However, I respect her talent and presence in the industry.

83 years was a good run.

She was the James Brown of female performers. She appeared to be in poorer health over last couple years.

She will be missed.
RIP Tina,
now go kick that wifebeaters Ike's ***, down in that dry heat...
What a killer voice , Damn that gal had a set of pipes. Strutting around that stage like she owned it.
RIP Tina.
You guys remember that she did TV ads for Plymouth in the 90s ?
You guys remember that she did TV ads for Plymouth in the 90s ?
Started with "The first Plymouth of the 1990s" the Diamond Star Laser in mid 1989.

Loved those commercials.
I have to say I was a bit shocked. With her energy and drive I was surprised Tina went at 83. Seems too young for her. Then reading the article and about her disease problems I guess that’s what ultimately took her down. Great talent RIP and God Speed