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Tired Door Hinges


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Feb 2, 2012
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Hi guys, Im getting body work done on my 74 Satellite Sebring, but before my uncle aligns the door areas we need to fix the hinges. I was originally going to just do the hinge pin kit but i noticed that the rollers on the hinges are very worn as well.

Does any one make the rollers as well? I was also looking at the AMD hinges. Has any one used those? do they work and fit well?

Thanks for any help.
You can buy rebuild kits for next to nothing with new pins and bushings. They're pretty easy to rebuild.
Thanks guys!
I have seen the kits, but i have seen any kits with the "geared" wheels in them, mine are totally shot.
Try this, go to a junkyard and check out the dodge vans I found a like new set of bottom hinges in a later year van that matched my lowers for my 67 I think it was a 85 or so. I think the tops were the same too but i didn't need them. since the doors are shorter they dont take the same abuse I think they charged me $10.00
Classic industries has a nice rebuild kit for 35 bucks. Not sure if it has the wheels tho.
Make sure you check if classic industries has any in stock or if they will be put on backorder before you hit the purchase/checkout button. I ended up going through an ebay vendor because I needed them right away. That being said, classic industries may have a stockpile now. Just make sure you verify.
I was going to use the classic kit but as rocky said they didn't have them in stock and I got it from an ebay vendor as I needed them. It has everything to rebuild them IIRC.
Check with "MOPARLEO" over on the E-body site. He's located in CA and restores door hinges.
I used the AMD hinges on my 73, spot on reproductions, and its so nice to have doors that stay open now, as they were busted when i bought the car back in the 80's!!!!!