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To stripe or not to? 1971 Charger 500.


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9:01 PM
May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
We are getting close to being finished with the 1971 Charger 500. It's a very original car. Matching everything. It's a 383 hi po AT PS PB AC PW car. It's been repainted the original Hemi Orange, with a black interior. We are getting close to giving the paint a wet sand and buff. The 500 had a thin double pinstripe down the upper body but I like the bolder Snoopy stripe. It doesn't have a raised hood so there will be no hood decal. This car has always been built with resale in mind. Stripe or no? Neither are pics of my car, just close to it.

no stripe.jpg
The R/T stripes on 71 non R/T cars are way over done. Go with the pin stripe, gives it more style.
You kinda answered your own question. "You" like the cowl stripe, but it's built for resale. Originality, in this case, trumps personal preference. Pinstripe.