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Torsion bar replacement for 66 Hemi Satellite


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Jan 28, 2012
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I forgot PST had a separate sponsor's forum here and my post up in the Suspension & Chassis section wasn't getting much response. My 66 was sitting very uneven in the front and I ran out of adjustment on one side before I could get it up high enough. Crossmember and sockets are all like-new condition. After pulling the torsion bars I found the one marked "L" was on the right side and vice-a-versa so I'm assuming the reversal has damaged the one bar. I believe the bars are the .92" ones and I would like to install .96" ones for just a bit more stiffness. The only ones that come up for my car on PSTs website for my car are 1.03" which I fear will be just a bit too stiff in combination with the 1.25" sway bar. Does PST not carry a B-body torsion bar somewhere in between .92 and 1.03"?
I'm pretty sure mine are .92 and they seem plenty stiff.
With KYB shocks it's too stiff for me so you may see the shocks listed here next spring.
As someone here said KYB = Kill your butt that said the combination works well in my Charger a bit heavier car.
Firm Feel looks like an option but I'll try to support PST if I can. Scanning through older threads I found a PST table that listed a .96 sway bar I think - so apparently they carry them. Guess I'm just not googling the right key words.
Sorry I forgot you have a hemi so it is heavier of course.
Looks like I’ll be going to Firm Feel after all.
We stopped carrying the .960 bars as our sales on them dropped as the popularity of the 1.03" torsion bars rose and our minimum MOQ with the forged made it not economical. We were selling the 1.03" torsion bars 20 sets to 1 set of .96". We have designed our 1.03 bars with the proper amount of clocking(pre-load) so they will give you a modern ride that is not harsh and have plenty adjustability. If you take sometime and do a forum search you will numerous members that are running them and love them. Just keep in mind a quality set of shocks also dictate a fair amount if ride quality.

James From
Left-right? Just a star on one end and a short number-letter on the other end. Struggling to put Performance Specialty boots on. I should have checked with you guys before I bought them.
There should be a “L” on one and a “R” on the other on the ends. Since the bars have some clocking built into them, it’s important to get them on the right side.
Seems like you want a new set but for reference, putting them in backwards shouldn’t cause any harm to the bars themselves. These are spring steel working in its elastic range, it doesn’t care which way it’s twisted. The option exists to just put them back in the correct places.
On a new set of bar is does not make a difference as they are new and do not have memory at this point. But what we recommend is to have the end of the bar with the L or the R facing the rear so once installed they are still legible. This is just for reference and an easy way to remember if there comes a time in which they may need to be removed for additional suspension work down the road.

James From
I’m not sure which is a bigger issue on swapping bars from side to side - clocking of the hex or torsional memory. But from my experience with the PO having done so by mistake, both will screw up your front suspension height adjustments or ability to adjust the height to a correct stance.
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