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Transportation of parts?

493 Mike

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FBBO Gold Member
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7:30 PM
Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
When distance of delivery becomes too far for our members perhaps we could work out a chain delivery system among ourselves to assist others? Not a speedy service mind you, but an eventual delivery of desired parts. Kinda like buying from Amazon! A map of travel routes could be worked out so everyone could chime in if they can help. Ideas?
So how does this generally work? List of parts at location needing to go somewhere?
Pony express style?
It does require the buyer and seller to trust n number more people tho.
I'm no computer guru but I think we need a map that members can mark up with part location and delivery location and then anyone traveling along the route can volunteer to carry the part for part of its journey, provided enough members "line" up with the map route. Ideas?
That all sounds great if you have space to store someone elses parts waiting a ride.
Heading to Vegas in a few weeks. Any parts need delivered or picked up on the way let me know. I am about 100 miles west of Elpaso. So Tucson Phoenix ect.
I hope a moderator could set up a dedicated section for parts transportation, with a map?
That is an excellent idea Mike. I can't tell you how many times I have seen good heavy parts that I've needed clear on the other side of the country, and I said forget it, shipping would be crippling.
I'm thinking set up a GIS platform that people can tap into online to help coordinate cheaper transport.