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Trunk inserts, rear window trim clip sets


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FBBO Gold Member
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4:13 PM
Aug 25, 2021
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I have started making the ac push buttons for ac cars as well as im getting set up to produce a correct set of the trunk inserts and the rear window trim clip complete sets. The trunk inserts that are currently made are crap and not correct if you have tried them. The clips are different along the sides vs the top and bottom. No one makes the side clips. I am offering a correct complete set. As well as power packs and clock mounting kits. I'm taking pre orders now. I'm posting in this forum because I'm just announcing the release of these parts. Todds Restorations. Todd. See me on FB at 66-67 charger freaks to see the work I do or Todds Restorations. I have posted pics of my work and my help on this site many times before but very few to no results. I specialize in the first gen and my business is set up to specifically help charger owners with all there needs in one spot. From parts locating to restorations, to repair, to electrical help, to anything. I have been doing this for 34 years. I see people ask specific questions on the charger here and either no response, very little response, or because of how the site works everyone with a b body chimes in with incorrect info. My business is a find all your answers in one location business. Check me out on FB 66-67 charger freaks or Todds Restorations. If anyone is interested in the parts I'm going to be releasing please pm me for pre orders. I'm trying to get accurate counts as to how many of what to make. Thank you Todd
Best of luck on your making hard to get parts for our Chargers