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May 22, 2020
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Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
I thought I would update everyone on my journey so far.

So,, I have had my GTX for about 17 months (this one,, I did have one 48 years ago for about 2 years). In that time I have been able to get the older paint job to shine really nice and have touched up things where it was needed. I did have a body shop take some tiny rust spots out of the lower rear fender panels behind the rear wheels (below the chrome body strip in the black paint area) last January. When they had it in the shop, I had them do a through check on the car and they said there were no other patched areas in the body that they could see - all original sheet metal as far at they can tell. This confirmed my thoughts as well as I could not find any patches in the trunk, floor pans, or fender areas.
I have cleaned, painted, polished, replaced and installed parts as needed to make this a really nice survivor type of car. It is not a numbers matching car but it is period correct as far as I have found. In January and February I took the Carbs off for complete disassembly and rebuild, removed and painted the valve covers, removed the intake to clean and paint it, removed the oil pan to get a good visual inspection of the bottom end. The engine appeared to be newly rebuilt.
I have started looking at trying to find out more about the car. It would be nice to have more information on the history of the car. The older gentleman I purchased it from didn't have any information to pass on. All he could tell me was that he purchased it in 2014 from a guy in Nevada. It did have a front license plate surround from sierraclassics.com - Reno NV.
I attempted to contact them several times but did not receive any information back as to if they had sold the car at some point or had any history on it. I'll continue to try to trace the history back.

I did pay for a VIN search from one of the approved NMVTIS sites (VINData) and was able to see back to 2009.
I am the 2020 date one as that's when I went back and got my Collector personalized plates - MY69GTX
Title Issued Date State Type Event Reported Odometer Source
07/17/2020 - Minnesota - Current Title issued RS23L9G276470 - Exempt - NMVTIS
02/12/2014 - Wisconsin - Historical Title issued RS23L9G276470 - Exempt - NMVTIS
01/03/2011 - Nevada - Historical Title issued RS23L9G276470 - Exempt - NMVTIS
10/06/2009 - Nevada - Historical Title issued RS23L9G276470 - Exempt - NMVTIS
07/14/2009 - Nevada - Historical Title issued RS23L9G276470 - Exempt - NMVTIS
Over all the car runs fantastic. I have gotten a lot of attention at car shows and cruse-in's and have been luck enough to receive several plaques and 2 trophy's. It's so fun to talk to people at a show and hear their personal stories. Since I am pretty much done with shows and cruise in's for this fall,, I plan on using my time to again scan eBay, freshen up the look, install and change a few things, and get ready for next year!

So many shows,, so little time!


This is the DeCoded information I have accumulated so far

VIN Year/Model Body Style Remarks Amount
RS23-9- 1969 GTX 2 Door Hard Top 14,902 Total
RS23-9- 1969 GTX 2 Door Hard Top 14,048 Shipped
RS23J9- 1969 GTX 2 Door Hard Top 426 HEMI 196 Shipped
RS23J9- 1969 GTX 2 Door Hard Top 4-Speed 98 Shipped
RS23J9- 1969 GTX 2 Door Hard Top Automatic 98 Shipped
RS23J9A 1969 GTX 2 Door Hard Top 426 HEMI 11 Canadian
RS23L9- 1969 GTX 2 Door Hard Top 440-4BBL 13,866 Shipped
RS23L9- 1969 GTX 2 Door Hard Top 4-Speed 4,004 Shipped
RS23L9- 1969 GTX 2 Door Hard Top Automatic 9,862 Shipped

Fender tag decode

Code Description
E86 - 440-4 Barrel High Performance
D21 - Heavy Duty 4-Speed Manual Transmission
RS23 - R = Plymouth GTX
- S = Special
- 23 = 2 Door Hardtop
L9G - L = 440 375HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL
-9 = 1969
-G = St. Louis, MO, USA
276470 - Sequence Number '276470'
F5 - LimeLight Green
F5 - Trim Color
F8 - Ivy Green interior
P6G - Upper Door Frame: Green
527 - Date Built: 5/27/1969
206139 - Order Number: 206139
A33 - 3.54:1 Dana 60 Track Package **
C55 - Bucket Seats
M21 - Roof Drip Rail Moldings
M33 - Body Side Moldings
R11 - Music Master AM Radio (2 Watts)
V6W - White Longitude Sports Stripe
26 - 26 in. Radiator
END - End of Codes

** Code A33 Track Pak
(Available with 4-speed Manual Transmission w/ 440 or Hemi. N.A. w/ AC)
4-speed Heavy-Duty manual transmission with Hurst shifter with wood-grained (now a Hurst T-handle) shift knob and reverse warning light (available in Package only)
3.54 H.D. 9-3/4" Dana rear axle
7-Blade Torque Drive fan (Std. Hemi)
Dual Breaker Distributor (Std. Hemi)
26" High Performance Radiator w/ Fan Shroud (Std. Hemi)
Sure-Grip differential
Other options on the car now

The car came F5 Green from the factory with F8 Ivy green interior.
At one time it was painted all orange as I have found evidence of orange paint all over (top and bottom).
The color is now Z8B - Cat's Eye Blue #3
Black interior - head liner, carpet, and Bucket seats with a blue/gray cloth insert in the seats No console
A12 - 69 1/2only 440 Six Barrel Engine Package - Not an original A12 car but has the 3x2 barrel setup now. The outboard carbs have been reworked with ProMax metering blocks and throttle plate bases for easy access to the idle mixture screws.
B41 - 69-71 Front Disc Brakes w/Standard Rear Drum (no power booster)
G33 - 69 OS LH Remote Standard Mirror - matching Right hand mirror.
J25 - 69-71 3 Speed Wipers
N23 - 70-71 Mopar Electronic Ignition System
N85 - 69-71 Tachometer
N96 - 69-71 Fresh Air Hood - I have an original AirGrabber under hood setup that I was lucky enough to purchase from a fellow Mopar enthusiast at a car show this summer. Just waiting for the right air cleaner base, bolt kit, and cables to install that.
S77 - 69-71 Power Steering
S81 - 69-71 Premium Steering Wheel - Wood grained
V21 - 69-71 Hood Performance Treatment
V7R - 69-70 Accent Stripes (Red)

Alternator was upgraded to work with an electronic voltage regulator.
5 - Magnum 500 Chrome wheels W/BF Goodrich TA Radial tires
(new wheel and tire for the spare)
New instrument cluster and wiring harness
(the previous owner said he had an electrical fire)
Aftermarket oil pressure and water temp gauges under the dash.
Antique Automobile Radio for 1969 Mopar B body - AM/FM/Bluetooth - radiosforoldcars.com - Part # 683101BT
Engine number stamped on the block
Block casting number
2536430 6
1966-1972, 440 RB-series big-block
I appears to be out of a 1971 C body car

Stamped on the Pad on Left front of engine block

13 C

Decoding of Additional Symbols & Stampings:
A = .020″ Oversized Cylinder Bore
B = .010″ Undersized Main & Rod Bearings (Oversized Bearings)
C = Special Crankshaft & Pistons
E = Cast Crankshaft
H = Standard 4 Barrel Carb
HP = High Performance
LC = Low Compression
OS = .005″ Oversized Valve Stems
P = Premium Fuel Recommended
S = Service Engine (found on Warranty Blocks)
sP = Special Engine use Premium Fuel (found on T/A 340 Engines)
WT or TW = Water Tested (normally found on Hemi’s & Warranty Blocks)
X = Oversized Valve Guides
2 = Second Shift
♦ = .008″ Oversized Tappets
✠ = .001″ Undersized Crankshaft Journals (Oversized Bearings)
✠+X = .010″ Undersized Crankshaft Journals
Transmission numbers
PP833 3358 0103
Casting Numbers
A4 C 99129 H
10,000 Day code 3358 is Wednesday, October 7, 1970
Transmission Assembly Plant Codes:
PP = New Process Gear Division, Syracuse NY (Manual Transmissions)
Axle numbers -
4 10 8A1 4 12 8C
BOM 602957 2
Made - April, 10th, 1968 - Build 8A, Shift 1
68-69 B body 3.54 Powr-Lok 602957-2


Car show at the SAC.jpg

66 Sat

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Apr 26, 2015
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Wow, great looking car!


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Nov 21, 2008
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In GTXtacy Illinois
Great looking X! What size wheels and tires do you have on her? They look meaty.


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Jul 12, 2017
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SSSSWWEEEEEEEEEETTTT!!!!!! My RR was originally F5. Yours looks close to B7, I like it!
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