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That dog is beautiful, with great confirmation too. Wouldn't want to be that ball in the clutches of the Maligator. They are so much fun, but better when mature. I wish I had known you were having issues, I might of had an idea or two. They end up in the pound a lot as the average person has no idea what they got into. Same with most any herding dog. I think I was like that as a kid, no wonder I bond with the wild bastards.

The prey drive in a Mal (any Belgian) can be from couch potato to Tasmanian Devil on crack.
I have had four Belgians and they will learn to moderate their own behavior, but need to be watched and instructed minute by minute when youngsters. They can "forget" that they aren't supposed to be wild. At the dog park, they seem to need a lot of time outs to regain their calm and I appreciate the older dogs who put them in their place. Even as adults, they need an occasional: Hey you, settle down. I try to avoid rough play dogs at the park as it seems to undo their training.

Might get one of these next, the Tervuren, a cousin to the Malinois

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 10.12.42 AM.png
She is getting training, and is really smart, but play/prey drive with our male shepherd was way over the top. I miss her but I can see her when I want.