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Upper clutch linkage rod ?


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Jan 28, 2012
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The upper clutch rod has a kink at about the 1/3 point in length. In my car the short straight length is under the dash and the long length end is attached to the z-bar. The rod runs on the inside (right) edge of the firewall hole and is rough on boots. A friend with a 69 Roadrunner bought a new upper rod to install in his car and asked me which end goes where. That led to me looking at mine.

Now I’m wondering if my rod is upside down and the short straight should be attached to the z-bar - which I think would kick it over to the left a little more at the firewall, giving better clearance. We’ve studied FSMs and a 69 assembly manual without success.

Any one know the correct orientation of the upper rod? Or is it pretty much just whatever seems to fit and clear the best?

Does this help at all? If not, I can go grab a pic from under my hood.

im not sure photos will help much. The short straight is attached to the pedal and the long straight attaches to the z-bar. The under dash photo perspective and cut off at the firewall sort of give the impression it’s the other way around but the short length is at top. You can see how close it’s running to the inside of the firewall opening.