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Walbro fuel pump?

Dusty Dude

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Feb 13, 2023
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Hello All,
Have any of you used a Walbro GSL395 inline electric fuel pump to replace the mechanical pump and if so what is your experience. I talked with Eric at Howards Cams today and asked him how often one should check the wear on one of their bronze tipped fuel pump rods and he said every couple thousand miles. I'm have one of their billet roller cams on order and I really don't want to have to worry about that so I think I would just rather run an electric pump. This is a single four barrel carb setup. I have read that the Holley and some of the Carter pumps are a bit noisy. How does the Walbro compare?
I look forward to reading your replies.

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I bought a tanks Inc. tank with the walbro pump in the tank. Less noise and fuel cools it off and have had it several years with no problems. Just food for thought.
Ya lost me with your rambling BUT a quick scan shows no mention of a carburetor or EFI but assuming its a carb (as indicated by the use of a mechanical pump). If that's the case then the pump you mentioned has WAY too much pressure for a carb - even if you use a regulator (that will just burn out the pump). For a carbureted motor you want a more conventional electric pump like a Holley blue or red. I think the blue would be the best bet and it comes with a regulator.

I have not used that specific pump but every Walbro pump I have ever used worked perfectly. Walbro makes good pumps
I ran an in-line pump. welded a sump to the fuel tank, then 100 micron pre-filter and 10 micron filter after the pump. I was mounted low as recommended and worked fine, but I hated seeing it because it was mounted so low, and the sumped tank did not look right since the car is not a race car.
I replaced it with the Spectra Premium CR9CFI EFI fuel tank that has a Walbro 255 lph pump that should be good for 500+ hp?
This hates amazon links?? Anyhow link part after the amazon . com is Spectra-Premium-CR9CFI-Classic-Injection/dp/B00LPIP7J0
Current price is $486.82
This tank has a built in baffle that the pump and sending unit sit into.
Has a stock type sending unit that seems to work with the stock gauges. I haven't ran it to low?
The stock sending unit hole is used for both the sending unit and pump.
The pump has a 3/8" outlet that is the same shape/style as a stock sending unit.
The return is 5/16" (8mm) and also push on hose style.
I am running stainless lines to the engine compartment, so these type fittings work good for me.
Connect with EFI rated rubber line and EFI style hose clamps.
I am using the Gates Barricade Green Shield Fuel hose to connect the tank to hard lines.
4219BF Barricade® GreenShield® Fuel Hose | Gates Corporation for the 5/16"
4219BF Barricade® GreenShield® Fuel Hose | Gates Corporation for the 3/8"

If you need a larger fuel pump, then the Tanks Inc version lets you install different sized pumps.
1968-70 Dodge Coronet / Plymouth Roadrunner Fuel Injection Gas Tank
Tank is $295, Pump is $220 for the 255 lph version, Sending unit is $109.95
I like that the pump housing has screw-in fittings.
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Thank you 451Mopar for the detailed reply. I appreciate it.

Thank you also Frankb and Tonysrt. That's what I wanted to hear.

Gkent, you're right. When you get old you do tend to ramble........................
It is Barry Grant 750 vacuum secondary carb. It would require the use of a by-pass regulator and the fabrication of a return line system to the tank.
All the previous suggestions including your own are for an EFI pump. The volume and pressure those put out are ridiculously high for a carbureted motor. Using any of those would be just plain foolish regardless of what you do about a regulator or return system.

Its also worth noting that in the Walbro specs for that pump they are very clear about it being suited for EFI applications ... no mention of carbs.

Good luck.
I recomend Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator. I use the Aeromotive 13204 in my carburated GTX with an intank Aeromotive 340 pump. Been in there for over 10 years. I used the same regulator in my Charger when I had a carb (changed over to Sniper on this car) Used the Walbro 255 pump for that application for carb and Sniper.
Directly from the Walbro website; "Low Pressure: GM TBI Engines, Carbureted engines w/return-style regulator".
Thanks Frankb. That is a good looking piece and is exactly what I need if I decide to go this route.
It's listed under "Applications/Notes" area of a grid where all the pumps are described on the Universal In-line Fuel Pumps page of the website.
There are two sayings that come to mind:
1) KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
2) a fool and his money are soon parted

Knock yourself out old man.
I didn't work on the car today, only 32 degrees outside.
I have the old setup with the sumped fuel tank and inline pump and KRC 100 micron pre-filter if your interested.
Back in 64- 65 I was stationed at Lowery AFB for training. They had a big garage where you could work on your car. I drove my 55 Chevy out there, 265, stick, and worked on it in that garage. I put a set of fuelie heads and a dempsey wilson cam in the engine. I bought all my parts from Aurora Auto parts that was right outside of the base. Almost 60 years later I figure they would be gone, especially since the Base is gone. I also worked in Lakeland Amusement Park on the weekend. I frequented Look out Mountain and thought Denver was a great place to spend a year in the USAF. I actually sold that car here in NY and bought a 58 Fury with the 350 motor and 2 AFB's on it with the money from the 55. I bought with 72,000 miles on it and put 75,000 on it commuting every weekend from Dover AFB to my home in NY, about 180 miles one way. I paid $400 for the 58 and sure got my money's worth out of it.
I bought a tanks Inc. tank with the walbro pump in the tank. Less noise and fuel cools it off and have had it several years with no problems. Just food for thought.
I have the same setup. How did you connect your old vent tubes? Which one connects to the big tube in the trunk, the vent for the pump or the vent for the tank?
I've stated this in almost every thread on the subject. The short tank vent tube goes up into the trunk, the long vent tube that runs almost back to the filler neck goes up to the shock mount.
That's the way I ran the vent with a turn over valve in the vent line. I brought it in the trunk with the valve.