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Water pump pulley spacing


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Oct 12, 2022
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From what I am reading there is no black and white answer as to what the correct water pump pulley is per application. This is for a 1967 440 with power steering and no AC. I have two different pulleys that are slightly different sizes but they are so close to the water pump bolts just want to confirm this is normal. The bolt heads do not hit either pulley, but the spacing is minimal. Is this what most people see?





At least you have some proper looking bolts instead of the tall Allen head bolts that are supplied with some pumps
Looks normal to me, but it's close. I don't remember the pulley diameter.
I have a pulley from a 67 B engine, p/s no a/c. 6 7/8" diameter.
I did a quick measurement of the pulleys I have here and one is just under 6.75 and the other just under 7.00 inches. Thats measuring the actual outside diameter of the pulley. But either way if the bolt clearance does not look unusual to anyone I will just keep moving along.
U should be using a thin head bolt for mounting the water pump..
Tight clearance with the pulley...

Just my $0.02... :thumbsup:
On a related subject here....for this configuration (1967 Plymouth GTX, automatic, with power steering and no AC) what is the correct fan? 7 blade? With spacer or with fan clutch?
Don't go looking for trouble, you might find it.:lol:Looks normal but mount accessories then take a look.
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