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weirdo vacuum advance


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10:40 PM
Mar 25, 2024
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creepin round your back stair
So I have a bad vacuum advance canister on my points 383 distributor. it says 9.5L on the arm. for the life of me I can't find anything. the arm is backwards of literally all the other ones I've looked at. I don't need nos I done care about originality, I just want the damn thing to work for under $500 I've already bought a pertronix for it and that only fits points distributors. wells and standard don't seem to make one anymore.. does anyone have any suggestions to where I can find one thats just a "regular" replacement one not a $100 overpriced ebay nos unit?
thats what it looks like.. knowing how hacked this car was nothing surprises me. I didn't know they were interchangeable. I have a plate from an electronic ignition distributor but I'd have to modify it to work with the pertronix.
no he said 383. thats a big block
I have them Points dist? NOS, NORS or rebuilt?

vac adv.jpg
It's a small block pod?
Wht not call the device what it is......a VACUUM ADVANCE DIAPHRAGM ASSEMBLY. It's not a pod or canister, mechanism, etc. IF you don't know what it is, ask.....to get a specific answer, ask a specific question not in initials or colloquial termonology.........that way eliminates any possibility of incorrect information.....just my opinion of course
I figured it out, its a vc154 discontinued across the board, had to order a nos one on ebay.. hopefully the rubber is still good inside, how does one rebuild those with the crimp like that? I'd be interested in rebuilding mine if everything falls through.
Special machine to do it. Hope the guy does not die on me!
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