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What does your spouse say?


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Sep 24, 2020
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Holley, NY
My buddy's wife says she had children so she wouldn't have to pump brakes any more.
Wife doesn't say anything anymore. She is 6 feet under. Refusal to take care of oneself can become fatal. Enough said.
Wife is the best brake bleeding partner I've ever had.
Also good at driving a flat tow with chain vehicle.....either one.
...and a manual transmission.
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Tells me I have selective hearing! I respond with ……..
My wife asks. What are you buying next?
And she is the best brake bleeder person for all the years I have collected cars.
wife's nickname is "Pedals", cause she's bad *** with a stick shift......... true story

Been there and done that more than once.

On our recent trip to Florida, I had Submit find hotels, restaurants, rest areas and points of interest on her cell phone on top of checking out the road atlas for different routes. She packed enough food so that we could eat breakfast and lunch out on the road. Of course, she made the sandwiches.

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Mine says a lot. Never have to worry about a lull in the conversation :rolleyes:
Huh, I need batteries in my hearing aids.
My wife is a Mopar girl, she drives the Indy Ram, a 2009 Challenger R/T classic that she bought right out of the showroom, and two jeeps. She got her driver's license in a 64 Belvedere wagon. She rode in the Chrysler Turbine car at the Chrysler Pavilion at the 1965 New York world's fair. She was very excited when I bought her this Chrysler Turbine car promotional model last year at a local swap meet. The first picture is her in the back of the Chrysler Turbine car at the world's fair. The second picture is the Chrysler Turbine car displayed on the National Mall by the Smithsonian museum. The last picture is a happy wife with her new Chrysler Turbine car promotional model. Happy wife, happy life!



She says that a horder is someone who collects junk. A collector is someone who proudly displays their junk! Lol
Lisa's been gone for 20+ years now

Her famous words were, usually Mon. or Tues. am
where we/or you going this week ?
Either rodeo (reining, cutting or barrel racing) for her...
I did share the time, 6-12 or so events, depending on the years
or my cars/drag racing or doing a sponsors display or match-races...
27+ weeks committed or the off weeks we'd going testing at
Sacramento, Sears Point or Fremont/Baylands while it was still open...
When I'd go testing, when or if she wasn't scheduled for work
head bartending/work at the country club...
She'd just go across the hwy-16 to the Rancho Murieta Equestrian Center
& hangout with her rodeo ladies & practice...

You guys are missing out if you don't see the ladies that rodeo... :bananadance:

I did most all the scheduling, she gave it up (mostly)
after I would tell her;
"we can't go there, we are going here instead",
usually my racing took precedent, & she "usually" relented, said;
"just do it yourself", but she was a good sport about it...
It was a PITA really planning & all the damn driving, I missed her doing it...

Towards the end it was just me & the dog
('The Duke', black lab, 'Lord Budnicks' as a pup, my chocolate lab)
or when I was swamped at work
I'd fly out & have 2 of my paid guys would drive the rig & 2 cars,
I'd meet them there, when my business was going crazy...
I couldn't be on the road for near a week at a time or more...
Sometimes maybe 1 or 2 of the rugrats (girls)/ankle bitters (boys) would tag along
after I started home schooling them...
Many times in summer months, most the kids would come...
(them times gave her a break)
She had a long time & reg. job that conflicted with my travel a lot...

I miss ya' babe...
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